Rainbow seashells puzzle

2000 Pieces

Designed in the USA

Artwork by Julie Seabrook

Contains 90% recycled paper

Rainbow seashells puzzle

200.00 ₪Price
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    Exquisite jigsaw puzzle: There are many types of puzzles provided by this

    landscape puzzles, family scene puzzles, cosmic puzzles, oil painting
    puzzles, architectural puzzles, etc ... For your choice, let you broaden your horizons during the play.

    High-quality materials: The puzzle is made of high-quality wood, treated with a special surface film to prevent scratches, will not fade after long-term storage, the edges of the puzzle are smooth and will not scratch your fingers,
    ensuring your safety and comfort when playing.

    Challenge and fun: The back of the puzzle is marked with a letter partition
    reminder and multiple letter reminder areas, allowing you to complete the
    puzzle puzzle more easier. Once completed, you will be proud of yourself; and you can use it as a collection of art and use it to decorate your living room, bedroom, etc.

    Parent-child games: Let all your friends and family participate in this
    challenging and fascinating problem, suitable for people of all ages, provide you with a closer relationship with friends, and create a happy atmosphere, and jointly develop hand-eye coordination skills , Problem solving skills, shape recognition ability, memory and task completion ability.

    Perfect special gift: If you need to surprise others, Jigsaw is a timeless
    casual game that can relax participants. Jigsaw is also considered a classic game, it is birthday, Christmas, graduation, new year, Halloween etc ... the best gift.